Monday, September 13, 2010

Ouch, my ego hurts!

Hey guys!

I have a confession to make. A big one. One that made even me stop and think. I, Jessica Ward, am not good at everything. I know, I know its a lot to take in all at once. Ill give you a moment to let it sink in......................
Alright so that's not even the end, not only am I not good at everything, I'm actually REALLY bad at something. Something that I cant really afford to be bad at. Something necessary and needed, especially at this stage of my life. Well *deep breath* here it is...I am bad at math. Like, REALLY bad at math...
I've always known numbers were my downfall, to this day I'm convinced the only reason I passed grade 12 math was because my teacher saw my other grades and decided keeping me back for one class was unfair. I mean, she handed me my report card saying "you owe me one"...  Anyways, I thought I was done with math, that is until I decided to go back to school to get a second degree. A second science degree that involves that beautiful subject math. Not only calculus and stats, but also lots of wonderful chemistry equations! Now I know sarcasm does not always translate well through the written word so let me be clear here. Those nice adjectives i just used to describe math...sarcasm. Hardcore sarcasm

If you think of me as a smart woman (ie if you are my father), stop reading here because it's about to get worse. Okay, so I realized I needed to brush up on some of my math skills and did what any person my age would, looked it up on youtube. I started off with basic calculus tutoring, easy enough right? Grade 12 math is nothing a person with a BSc can't handle. Wrong. I was lost within the 1st two minute introduction. You see where this is going?! I had to go back to basic grade 8 math! I am hanging my head in shame right now. As a university student, a Mcgill university student, I'm supposed to be smart! My ego is still throbbing in pain thinking about sitting in my room watching a basic algebra tutorial so I could do my chemistry assignment.
My brain and numbers are not definitely not on speaking terms. Which leaves me playing referee using the following persuasion techniques:
ME: "c'mon brain, I know math has wronged you in the past but if you can learn to get along it will be very beneficial for you! I guarantee"
BRAIN: "I dunno, I'm still hurt from how he made me feel last time we hung out. Has he changed?"
ME: "No...math will always be the same guy. He stands firm in his ways..."

At which point Math usually interrupts letting my brain know ...
"c'mon baby, you'll love hanging out again! I'm always hard for you AND I'll keep you up all night long!"

Lucky for math my brain responds strongly to mental foreplay and she has decided to give him another go! It all starts tomorrow. Wish us luck, breaking up and getting back together has never really worked for us before...

xoxo Jessie
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