Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sexy Summer Bod?

Hey all,

So I'm not sure if you know, but I'm kinda getting old...

This comic is true, literally all my friends are getting married, having kids and *gasp* growing up. Ew. I'm still in school and don't have a real job. I hear when you turn 25 you have to start using anti-aging face creams, worrying about what you eat, and working out like a crazy person. Ugh. Sounds terrible.

I've been lucky so far in keeping my young looks, but last week I didn't get ID'ed at the liquor store.  Seriously, the woman didn't even think twice about it! Gasp, does that mean I look over 17 now?! How sad.

As a result of this depressing realization I have decided to start working out. I bought some weights, a pair of Lulu's and signed myself up for an 8-week workout program. I looked the part, so the rest was bound to be easy right? Not so much, all I have to say is "Dear god, why is working out so damn hard?" I am sooo out of shape. No seriously you guys, science tells me humans were built for endurance but if that's the case, I may not be human... It's so bad that I am forced to work out in my living room to avoid the embarrassment of my terrible ability to do ANY kind of work out.

Of course I am with the most athletic guy I have ever met. Run to the other end of the city? Bang out a few back flips? Continue with some bboy sets? No problem, he's all over that shit. I give myself 2 weeks to be at the same level. Should be a cinch!


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