Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Top 3

Hey all,

So I rarely feel the need to write about serious things but am feeling inspired as things around me are changing at a rapid pace. I wanted to explore what got me to where I am, so I've decided to put together a top three life changing moments. There is gonna be a fair amount of sap in these next few paragraphs so if you are allergic to mushy feelings and nice things, click the back button now. Otherwise sit back and get to know me a bit more.

1) Car accident the summer of 2006.

Yup I was sitting right there on the passenger side. Lucky me, huh? I won't get into all the gory details of the injuries sustained, but lets just say I was broken. I don't actually remember the accident or even the next week or so, but the experience still had a major effect on my life. To this day I have problems with my knees, my hand, my lungs, and have major anxiety when driving in a car. The fact that it happened still makes me angry sometimes. I get mad when I think about the fact that I have been using my knee brace increasingly more often, and will most likely develop arthritis far before I should. I hate the fact that I haven't been able to drive a car once since I moved to Montreal and that I am the worst passenger in the world because of my anxiety. I hate that I have scars that won't go away. I hate that I don't have proper turnout in dance class because of the rods in my leg. And I fucking hate that I cant open a stupid jar of salsa.

There are lots of things that suck about that moment in my life, but I also think it's the main reason I am where I am today. It was this shitty circumstance that allowed me to move to Halifax with my best friend and have the best summer of my life! It was that summer that I met the most important person in my life today. Which leads me to number 2...

2) Meeting the love of my life

Now let me set the stage for some serious romance here...

There I was on the outskirts of the sticky nightclub dance floor, strobe lights flashing, smoke machines blowing, empty shot glasses to my right, and a new JT track pumping from the speakers. Suddenly I spot him, a brown haired hottie dancing with a bunch of girls. Girls I obviously felt did not deserve his attention seeing as I approached with this gem of a pick up line, "So I was just wondering when you were gonna dance with me?". God I was smooth, who could resist such a beautiful pick up line? Obviously not this guy. From what I'm told the night was just a blur of romance, deep conversation, and love at first sight. Or dance floor groping, make out sessions, and him buying my friend and I water without vodka. Same thing...

Okay so maybe the first meeting was a little more Jersey Shore than The Notebook, but since then its been all love and kittens. Honestly though, I couldn't be more lucky. This guy treats me like a princess and loves me in a way I only thought possible in the movies. I didn't know there were actually people as nice as this guy. I would never use the word perfect, because let's face it there really is no such thing. But damn does he come close! And those dimples... *Sigh*

I won't go all over the top lovey dovey on you all so I'll stop here.

But good god I love that boy.

3) Moving to Montreal

After a year of long distance I finally made the trek to Montreal to live with that cute boy with the dimples. How cliché eh? Girl meets boy, girl drops life and runs to be with boy. I'll have you know, I finished my degree and then move to be with him. Can you blame me though? Long distance is hard. Like really hard, but we made it work and since I came here things have been even better. Not only has my move to Montreal strengthened my relationship, but it has also changed me as a person. I am definitely not the same person I was 3 years ago when I first came here. I showed up in Montreal a small town girl terrified of everyone who lived here. The first time I went on the metro I was sure I was being followed. Although to this day I still believe that to be true! It was crazy to me that I could walk down the street without stopping to talk to at least three people I know. I never knew what language to speak because no one spoke the same one. I was scared to take the bus, and shopping was a terrible experience with far too many options and a terribly scary amount of people. I was a lost little girl.

Nevertheless I am now proud to say I have grown into a full blown city girl. I can navigate the public transit system like a pro, and now know that it's appropriate to put your headphones on and ignore every single person you pass. However, I am still true to my small town roots and am polite even when I don't need to be. Believe me you're allowed to be rude, sometimes it's even necessary! I mean I still complain about rude people, and pushing on the metro, but sometimes its just survival! Really.

What I like about living in Montreal is the culture. Let's be honest guys, everyone in P.E.I looks the same, and for the most part thats the way everyone likes it. I'm glad I've been able to see a new perspective on life, and really appreciate the way other people live. I've met people here from all over the world, heard countless languages, and have learned to love cuisine I didn't know even existed.

I'll always love P.E.I. The beaches, the seafood, the friendly people, my family, and of course the potatoes. However I am fine without the gossip, the rumours, the cold, and the teeny tiny mall! P.E.I will always be my home and will forever be the place I go to catch a cold, and drink too much. But without Montreal I wouldn't have incredible sushi, an amazing dance scene, and amazing new friends.

Remember the name.