Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cashing In On The Goods

Hey there,

So for those of you who don’t know I have a slightly new job these days. Its extremely glamorous, high end, and Im pretty sure ill be famous for it soon. I am a Fit Model. Yeah you heard me right, a MODEL. Take that ugly jr high and high school years, in your face!

Okay reality check. The title may be a bit misleading. A fit model doesn’t actually walk the runway or get to be the face of a company. She is more like a human mannequin, which ironically is the french word for model (im reaching I know). Basically I have the body measurements of a “perfect” small, and therefore they use my body to fit clothing to the body. I use the word perfect very lightly here for the simple fact that they only let me fit for tops. Ive been told Im too bootylicious for them (I will forever love beyonce for making that word available to me). I am constantly hearing “oui mais elle est plus forte aux hanches” or “n’oublie pas qu’elle a un pouce de plus!”. Although this appears to be my main “flaw” (ive inserted sarcastic quotations, as I believe it is an asset…no pun intended) it is far from the only. Depending on who I am fitting with I can hear a large range of things from “but doesn’t she have a tiny waist? I heard she’s a small small” or “didn’t you know she has a high apex”. (Fun fact: Your apex is the length from your shoulder to your nipple) and even “Yes but shes a dancer so she stands like this” at which point someone will often get into an awkward first position. It’s super amusing. I really enjoy the people I work with. I know that sounds sarcastic, but its actually not.

In retrospect all of this kind of reminds me of my life in jr highwhen I used to hear things like, “Jess’ pants are too tight did you see how much her butt sicks out, ew” or “I bet she doesn’t even eat, look how skinny she is!” and my all time favorite “yeah she might have a nice bum, but where are her boobs?!” But to be honest I take it all with a grain of salt, I mean if the worse they have to say is that my bum is too round and my boobs are too high….Im not complaining! Whats small doesn’t fall right!

All kidding aside, I was always told I had a body that could make me some cash, and when the stripping didn’t work out I thought they were wrong…But look at me now, cashing in on the good once again, and this time its legit! ;)

xoxo, Jessie