Thursday, August 18, 2011

I hear they comin for me, because the top is lonely.

Hey Guys!

So I just got back from Tampa where I was living for three months doing things like this:

Making friends with cool guys like this:

And making more amazing friends like this:
*Some important ladiess missing due to lack of photo, but I still love you!

You know when you do something super cool, and you're a little bit like "aw I don't wanna tell people how great it was because I don't wanna brag"? 

Well too bad. Im gonna brag.

I lived in Tampa for three months, not just a little seven day all inclusive. I lived there. I fed Tigers and Lions. I trained Ocelots. I gave Binturongs marshmallow treats. I carried a Cougar. I witnessed a Serval eat his food with his paw.  I got over my fear of birds and spiders (except for ninja spiders). And I made friends with the coolest people in America, while avoiding the douchy-est people in America. 

This summer honestly has made me into a different person. Well maybe not different, but better. I know it sounds crazy, I mean I was always a cool chick, but now I am literally the cool chick. True story. I have come back from this experience funnier, smarter, cooler, and sexier than ever. Or at least that's how I feel. Since I came home I feel on top of the world, literally like nothing else matters because I am most likely the luckiest person alive. And most definitely the happiest person alive.

So many people I have crossed paths with have told me I'm on the wrong path, that I'll never make it doing what I want to do. To those people I have two little words... 

You're Wrong.

I've come a long way from the small town girl who was scared to be alone staying in a relationship because I needed someone, to moving to a new city and staying in a relationship because I love someone. 

I love who I am turning into, and appreciate who I used to be. So as I take my seat at the top make sure all you haters have a good spot and enjoy the view! ;) 

xoxo, Jessie