Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I like to roll with hot chicks


Hey there,

So after being in the city for 3 months now I expected to be nothing less than a celebrity. Not so much. Any of you who have moved away from home and all your friends will agree when I say, making new friends in a new city after the age of 20 is NOT easy.

I've come up with what I feel is a pretty accurate depiction of how the process tends to unfold. Okay so take yourself back to your 6 year old self. You're just starting school, all new people, and a completely different atmosphere. You see another kid; you think they have a cool shirt or toy and you say to them "Hey, cool (insert impressive belong here) wanna play?" At 6 years old you have a 98% chance the other kid is gonna say "yeah!". And a 2% chance they'll say "mine!" and proceed to hit you and run away. Its that simple.

Fast forward 18ish years, same thought process different actions and outcome. I have noticed since Ive moved here that I have that same young mentality. It starts out the same, I see someone with a cool shirt or a sick pair of kicks and I think to myself "nice style, I bet shes a cool chick". Of course it's not always about the clothing (Im not that superficial) but it's the 1st thing I notice. Plus I wont lie, I like to roll with hot chicks. Anyways be it their style, or through a short exchange I find them cool. On the prowl for a new crew I find myself always thinking "this is exactly the type of person I want to be friends with!" The difference between myself now and when I was 6 is that those previous quoted statements would never come out of my mouth. Lets be honest, I would sound like a lesbian or at the very least desperate.

The more I think about it finding a new group of friends is kind of like dating except harder. If I wanted to pick these girls up I would say those previously mentioned lines and it would be acceptable. When all you want is someone to party with the lines are not clearly drawn, and I have no idea what im doing!

Its not like Im picky...I just want some hot girls who have great style, can dance and like to party. This is Montreal, it cant be too hard! Guess my PEI friends just set the bar too high ;)