Thursday, June 21, 2012

Humans Who Make Me Angry Vs. Animals Who Make Me Happy

Hi all,

So lately I have been doing some pretty awesome work and I'm super happy about the whole thing. My days are spent with lil guys like this...

That's Kyle, he is the first lil squirrel I have had the pleasure of caring for :). Now I’m not gonna lie people have always told me working with animals is pointless. People figure if you’re not a vet it’s not worth it. To this day I'm told, “You realize there’s no money in it right?” Yeah I do, thanks. While I’m not na├»ve, and I realize that money can in fact buy a bit of happiness. I do feel that it’s not the most important thing, and if you do I’m quite certain you'll never be fully happy. With the ‘money matters most’ attitude no matter how much you make, it will never be enough. 

Lately some people have been asking, "what are your plans when you're done school/what are you goals in life/how much will you make when you're done" etc. Now to be completely honest I think the people grilling me like this feel their path is monumentally more important than mine. Which makes me laugh. I mean this is the type of person who feels they need to list all their accomplishments to me within the first 5 minutes I've met them. Believe me, no one cares that much, and dominating the conversation while trying to belittle others is not a good way to make friends. All I have to say is be careful. There's this thing called modesty that a lot of others possess, and you may in fact be making a fool of yourself by preaching to someone who knows better.

Point is, people need to stop judging those with different ideas/goals than their own. Money and status are not everything. I'm by no means a hippie, but money hungry status climbers make me nauseous. It just seems we're so quick to find differences in each other, or to prove that we're better or right. When in reality none of that shit even matters if you're not happy. 

So let me answer those questions that some people so desperately need answered in order to categorize me. 

1) What are your plans when you're done school?

- Get a job helping animals and the environment in a way that I feel will make a difference for both myself and future mini me's. Yes I do realize the government is making cuts in those areas, but I also know that with the right combination of confidence, education, and passion it's possible to get paid doing what I love. 

2) What are your goals in life?

- To stay happy and healthy

3) How much will you make when you're done?

- Probably not much, but definitely more than I need to get by. 

So go ahead and place me in whatever category is necessary to make you feel better about yourself, but know this. I am happy right now. I have an incredible guy who loves the shit out of me, two super cute fur babies, amazing friends, and the most recent addition: an incredible job. I spend my days doing something I truly love. Let's be honest, if you know me at all then you realize I kind of like animals better than people. There are a few human exceptions, but I assure you they are few and far between. Obviously this means that a summer filled with animals, especially baby ones, is pretty much my dream. Dream fulfilled. I've been lucky enough to spend my summer helping raise and release some awesome wildlife. So to lighten the mood after my mini rant  here are a few of the reasons my summer has been so great! 

                            Squirrel Burrito :)


Bebe Fox!

Ready to head out!

                                 My lil bunny

Hangin' out

Too cute for words

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog. Despite the cages they are in fact getting ready to head back out where they belong. 


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Anonymous said...

I work with animals and I honestly can't imagine a point in my life when I won't (unless of course I win the lottery, and then I'd just buy lots of land and have my own collection/wildlife/farm). I manage a decent wage because I compromised and moved into teaching, but I'm out in the fields sitting in mud all day and it's still awesome. It's the best feeling to come home and know that you accomplished something and that your job is worthwhile. Don't you just pity people in offices? Best of luck to you, be happy and successful.

And the baby skunk just made me die a little. Oh em gee!!

Jessie said...

Thanks so much hoorayrue! It's always nice to hear from others who are successful in this field.

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