Sunday, January 11, 2009

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Hey there,

Okay, so very few things surprise me, but I have to say I was much more than surprised on my most recent trip home. I'm sure some of you are familiar with the saying "People change so we can learn to let go". Well this became more like the words of a prophet than a quote I once heard from Marilyn Monroe after my vacation.

You know those few people, or more for those of us who are naive, that come into your life and at the time you think, "I hope I can be lucky enough to keep this person in my life forever". You know, those times when you start up a relationship (love or friendship) and you just click? Yeah, well I have had quite a few people I felt this with, and needless to say I no longer keep in touch with the most of them. There has always been that "one that got away" for me. I think most of us have that. For me it wasn't a missed connection per say. I had a meaningful relationship with this person, but for reasons that I don't fully understand, we lost touch. Since then I have thought about them on occasion, and hoped to get back in touch. That is until recently...

Have you ever gotten an update on someone you haven't seen or heard from in awhile and almost fainted at how outrageous it all sounded? Like I mean, pinch me to convince me this is real, are we talking about the same person type outrageous. Well folks...I have, and let me tell you it's an interesting experience. I pretty much went through a three step procedure of processing the information. 1st I thought to myself "what happened to the person I knew?" Then I moved on to, "Oh no, was this person always this crazy, and I just an idiot who didn't notice." And finally..."thank God I didn't invest anymore undue time in this person".

Its scary to know that even though you may think you know someone inside out, you may not actually know them at all. I had fun and don't necessarily regret what I had with this person, but I'm glad I got out when I did. Its obvious to me that the more things change the more they stay the same.

If I could offer some advice I just really wanna can surround yourself with new people and new experiences but if you don't change how you treat the ones you say you love you'll continue making the same idiotic mistakes. You can only disappoint those who love you so many times before they run in the other direction. Grow up, realize you're better than your actions right now, and smarten the fuck up before you lose those you love, and more importantly, yourself in your selfish games.

xoxo Jess